Being the first BSW product introduced to the market since 2015 in Japan. QINeS-BSW is a Pure AUTOSAR product has been adopted by many customers due to our company's strength in software development and supporting services in Japan.


By providing automotive software development related tools in accordance with AUTOSAR, we develop and support automotive software development with high-efficiency, high-quality.


Tools and development support for AUTOSAR Adaptive application development to make it faster and more efficient, as well as support for development by system integrators.

By utilizing the automotive system development achievements cultivated over 40 years since the 1980s, we provide One-Stop service, which is including BSW products, and System Implementation Support Services to adapt QINeS-BSW to your company's products.
Not only as a general consulting service but a practical process consulting service that aggregates expertise and insights that are specific to the organizational goals, issues, and development features. Our Process Service will support until the processes are established in your organization.
With the Model-based systems engineering, which aims for overall optimization of system development, and Model-based development, which we have been working on since 2000, we provide customized services for complicated and large-scale automotive software, tailored to customers' specific goals.

Mobility Services

Accident Detection Service

The accident detection service determines whether a vehicle such as car has caused a collision and overturn. When an impact is detected while the vehicle is running, AI analyzes the data linked from the vehicle to determine whether the impact was caused by an accident or not in real time.