In recent years, the digitization of automobiles has progressed rapidly. The functions installed in automobiles are becoming more sophisticated year by year (pursuit of safety, fuel efficiency, and comfort), and the code scale of automotive software continues to expand to keep up with it.
Improving software productivity and ensuring quality have become major issues for automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

As a solution to these problems, automobile manufacturers and suppliers are paying attention to new development methods such as "AUTOSAR" and "Automotive SPICE", which are standards for automotive systems, to efficiently develop large-scale and highly reliable software. , We are actively working on it.

QINeS is a series of solutions centered on AUTOSAR-compliant BSW (Basic SoftWare) that supports the development of high-quality and highly efficient automotive software. We provide One-Stop support such as BSW, engineering tools and management support tools, optimal process construction support, education support, QINeS implementation and application development, and contribute to improving software quality and productivity.